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    It depends on what you want to do with these things. Personally, I think the Retina model is overpriced. The iMac has a larger screen, but that may not matter to you, especially since you can connect the Macbook Retina to an external monitor and use it that way as well.

    As for a second, smaller device, again, it depends on what you want to do with it. A tablet is not meant to be used like a desktop or notebook. If you just want to keep media on it, check email, play games and stuff, an iPad might be a good buy. It's small enough to tote around and let's you do basic things smoothly and easily. But a "real" computer is better for creating documents, managing files and traditional computer work. You can make a presentation on an iPad or even a Garageband song, but it is no replacement for a traditional computer. A Macbook Air would be a little bigger and heavier to carry, but would be better for doing more serious work.

    For more info, you can check out the stickie threads on the main forum page. There are also some very helpful tutorials here:

    Apple - Support - Mac Basics

    The video tutorials are especially helpful.

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    First Mac

    I am starting a new career in real estate and have the opportunity to buy my first computer. I have used pc's for years and would like everyone's input on owning a Mac.

    I went to the apple store in the woodlands yesterday and spoke with one of the employees about purchasing a MacBook Pro laptop with retina display. All in all, it would be about $2,000 with upgraded ram, apple care, and one on one classes. But as we talked more I asked him about buying an iMac because a professional photographer friend of mine suggested I buy an iMac because they are less expensive and you get more to use.

    I am thinking about an iMac 27 inch and either waiting for the new iPad to come out or get an MacBook Air. I would graciously appreciate any brothers on here who could suggest what might work best for me as I have absolutely no idea what I need (except a girlfriend..).

    I went to the apple store yesterday Saturday March 24, and spoke with three employees. All suggested the samething, getting an iMac would be a great way to go (the 27inch for $1,799) I can upgrade the memory plus the apple care for 2 yrs. at $99 and the one on one for $99 a yr.

    What are your opinions on buying an iPad? I say down and looked at the MacBook Air 13 inch and it was just too small for me. Can I use an iPad in real estate? Is it worth getting now or should I wait until they come out with a newer iPad? What about the iPad mini?

    What are your thoughts on buying an iMac? It would be my first purchase and first solid investment so I would want it to last for years to come. Do you Mac users have any other advice I should know? Should I subscribe to Macworld? Is that the official publication of apple?Any and all advice is appreciated.

    Look forward to hearing from you all. If anyone would like to talk by phone please let me know.



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    To me...the VERY first decision is do you need mobility/portability. you need a laptop or a desktop computer.

    Once you decide this...the choices are greatly narrowed...and then the discussion shifts to the specifications of the computer.

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    Welcome to the forum! The iMac/MacBookAir/MacBookPro debate is really about how YOU would use the machine. The iMac is a desktop, all-in-one, so if you think you would mostly use it in the office, it may be the better buy. The MBA is a small, fully functional laptop that is intended for mobile use. The small size and absence of moving hard drive components makes it ideal for on-the-go use. The MBP is a full sized laptop that is both portable and useful on a desktop, with a full-sized keyboard and larger screen sizes available. The MBP has a spinning hard drive (usually, you can configure it for an SSD or Fusion drive if you wish). MBP's tend to have more ports available, given the bigger cases. The iPad is really a portable mail/browser/reader type device (at least for me). The absence of a keyboard is, in my opinion, a hindrance to using it for "serious" data entry (typing a long document on an iPad is an adventure), but the light weight and good battery life make it ideal for carrying to business meetings to take notes, research things online, check email, etc. I don't have experience with the mini-iPad, but given that it is even smaller, I suspect the challenges there would be magnified.

    So, what I would suggest is that you check with other realtors about how they use their computers. I have a friend who is a realtor who uses her iPad for emails, to search MLS for listings and to connect to her company for business updates. Seems to work for her. In her office she has a WIndows PC for much the same, plus a wireless printer from which both the WinPC and iPad can produce printed documents. She also has an iPhone 5 she uses when the iPad and PC are not available.

    EDIT: Macworld is NOT published by Apple. As far as I know, Apple doesn't publish any magazines or host any websites other than those you get to at

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    I plan to use my Mac for right now, at home. Since I am just getting into the real estate business, I figured the iMac would be a better buy all the way around versus just buying a laptop.

    Secondly, the reason I ask about the iPad is that a lot of realtors in the office that use Mac either have an iMac, iPad, or MacBook Pro. And a majority of the paperwork (contracts, leases etc) do not have to be signed right away unless a buyer wanted to sign a contract right then and there. That is why I think most realtors that use an iPad so they can showcase a home via MLS or to sign a contract digitally.

    Is there a place to get a used or refurbished Mac laptop? Or should I get the iMac then wait to either buy the iPad or a MacBook Pro?

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    Apple has refurbished units on sale. What's there varies day to day. Refurbished and Clearance iPod, iPad & Mac Products - Free Shipping - Apple Store (U.S.)

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