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    can you merge 2 apple IDs
    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me...... when I set up my iMac Apple wouldn't accept the Apple ID I already had for my ipod so I created a new one. Is there any way I can merge the two Apple IDs? Currently I have to log on to a separate account on my iMac for my ipod and then another for my iphone... its annoying because I cant get my music onto my phone.... Thank you.

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums..

    We, at Mac-Forums, certainly can't help you with your specific Apple ID question. You'll need to contact Apple about that, and they might either be able to do that or not..
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    Short answer: no, at least not at present.

    If you haven't bought a lot of stuff on one of the two accounts, I would just abandon it and re-purchase the few items under your preferred account. There's no reason your iMac won't use the same account as the iPod (touch, I presume).

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    From your iMac, log into each account through iTunes, with your iPod connected. Each account will see the music you have purchased with that account and let you download it to the iMac. Once the iMac has both accounts' music, sync and all of it will go to the iPod. I have the same problem because when I first started with the store I didn't realize what two accounts would mean to me.

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    To add to MacInWin's answer, you must authorize your machine to play songs from both iTunes accounts or it will refuse to sync the "other" account's music.

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    Thanks, chas_m, I guess I kind of assumed that was done, but you are correct! (as usual)

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