I currently own a MacBook Pro, runnin OSX 10.6.8. I also have a few iphones, and two laptops. I am using an HP Offiejet Pro 8600 N911a printer. My router is a CISCO. My printer has been working okay until now. I've had it for a while. Now it is totally lost on my network somewhere.

When I print from any device on the network it works fine, except for my MacBook Pro, which is my main device that I work from. When I print from my MacBook Pro, and I check the queue, it says, connecting to printer..... then after about a minute it says, unable to connect to printer. retry in 30 seconds. and nothing happens. I am just stuck there. I have checked the wireless set up on the printer and it is set up and on the network.

Everything is on the network, but my MacBook pro and my printer have quit talking. It works fine if I use a cable. I've tried deleting the printer from the MacBook Pro and reinstalled. I've updated all software on MAC. I've updated all drivers for the printer. I've pushed the little WPS button on the router.

There is obvously something I am missing. But I am not that technologically advanced to even know what to search for next.

Can anyone please help me??????
Am I posting in the right forum?