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    Neo or OpenOffice for Computer Lab
    Just curious. The pros and cons using NEO vs Openoffice for my Grade school Computer Lab. THANKS

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    Quote Originally Posted by immac2013 View Post
    Just curious. The pros and cons using NEO vs Openoffice for my Grade school Computer Lab. THANKS
    Here you go:

    OpenOffice vs. NeoOffice vs. LibreOffice | EasyOSX
    NeoOffice 3.3 Feature Comparison - NeoWiki vs NeoOffice in Office Suite Software

    Much more available via Google.

    You know your students the best. I think that if you review things, identify what features you think are important, and even download each program to examine the will be the best judge.

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    If this is just grade school, I doubt the students will need any of the advanced functionality that might separate the two products.
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    What vansmith said. Indeed, if all they are doing is word processing that can largely be done using TextEdit for such basic needs.

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