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    How can I add text to a photo in Aperture ?

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    You don't.

    There are a variety of programs you can use to add text to a *copy* of your image -- on mobile devices, I'd suggest taking a look at "Over," for the Mac you might look at the (now discontinued but still functioning) Portraits & Prints, or you can simply add text by opening an image in Preview and using the markup tools.

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    Thank you for the prompt reply. Everything now makes sense. Cheers, John.

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    Hold on....You can add text to a Photo in Aperture and or a watermark. Simply download the free plugin Border FX...When you are done editing a photo and want to add text/watermark simply export to Border FX with the drop down or right click and you can alter it with text in many ways....Non destructive and on the original image...You can export final render from Border FX.

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    Thanks, wasn't aware of Border FX.

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    Thanks for the feedback folks. Very helpful. Cheers, John.

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