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    app pop up
    Every time I try to open an attachment with Word, this appcleaner pop up pops up with an agree/disagree message to install. I can't get rid of it. I did install the app thinking it would go away, but it still surfaces. Clicking on the disagree does nothing and there is no way to x out. I have to restart in order to get rid of it. Has anyone had this problem? I'm running snow leopard.

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    Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing? Appcleaner is an application that needs to be run to cleanly uninstall an application and remove all of it's associated files. It has no pop-up at all, and definitely not one that would be triggered by a Word document even if it had one..
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    It might be the SmartDelete part which is enabled in prefs ?
    Runs in the background.
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