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    Question USB Super Drive not connecting
    Hi...I am new to this forum but thankful I have a place to ask questions like this.
    Here goes, I have a Macbook pro 2008. It will no longer burn CD's so I purchased and external apple USB Super Drive, brought it home and connected it and it is not recognized by my mac nor will it accept a disc. I tried opening up iDVD to burn a movie I am working on and nothing, of course this happened after Apple support was already closed and I really need to get this project done, any ideas?

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    Does this superdrive have a power plug? Chances are your MacBook isn't going to provide sufficient power to run a Superdrive connected solely by USB.

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    If it's an Apple brand External Superdrive, it should work through your usb port. Are you using a hub? If so, is it powered? Do you have anything else in the USB ports? The power to the USB ports is limited, but should be sufficient for the Superdrive to work. If it's NOT Apple's Superdrive, then the problem is going to get harder to diagnose.

    Try the Superdrive directly into the USB port on the MacBook, if you haven't already. That is the best connection.

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