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    trouble with setting to factory
    hello,i am new to the forum and I just picked up my second mac which is an imac g5 (pre owned) the seller did not restore it to factory settings,nor did he have the install/restore disc to go with.i bought the install restore Mac os x disc and did all the proper steps so... Now it was difficult to eject, after i finally ejected I'm getting a write screen with the file and ? Icon flashing.thinking i bought the wrong disk.any help i would really appreciate it

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    You almost certainly do not have the right discs for that (ancient) machine, and that's what is causing the problem.

    You will need to purchase a *retail* DVD of Leopard, the last OS version that machine can run ... and the price is pretty high as they are in short supply, having been discontinued four years ago.

    That machine is probably much older than that ... unless you have some specific reason for a G5, I would strongly recommend that you move on to an Intel Core 2 Duo model which is more recent. There is no security updates, nor application updates, available for G5s anymore, and very little modern software will run on it.

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    The original version of OS X that it came pre-installed with was likely Tiger (OS X 10.4.11). You can try to find a copy on eBay but as has been pointed out, you'll need a retail version not one that's model specific.

    And, do not double post! Only post your message one time and continue with that same thread. Thanks.

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