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    Mail send problem
    I have been sending mail successfully from home, but when I go to another location (like Starbucks, etc) it tells me I can't send from the server associated with the account - "Select a different outgoing mail server from the list below or click Try Later to leave the message in your Outbox until it can be sent." But there is only one server listed - the one from home, including the wireless modem there and the mail address of our isp! I could add one I suppose, but do I have to add a new server every time I use my computer remotely? And what do I have to know to add the new server? It seems pretty clumsy for a Mac!

    BTW, I can receive mail for this account just fine, but not send!

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    Sounds like your email provider does not allow access to its sending server from outside the network. At home, you're inside the network, but at Starbucks, you are not. Does your provider have a web version of your email? If so, you can probably send from there at Starbucks.

    EDIT: And it's NOT a Mac problem, it's a problem with your mail service that works for any and all external machines.

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    It seems pretty clumsy for a Mac!
    As pointed out by member "MacInWin" this is not a problem with your Mac (why would you even think so?); it's a problem with your email provider. I suggest dropping your current provider and find another.

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    And why don't you have an iCloud account to avoid all this nonsense in the first place?

    ISP email is for chumps. There I said it.

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    I guess I should clarify... my e-mail is on a webpage for a small company that I have. So although it seems to be coming from our isp, I'm assuming that it just gets imported and exported via our internet connection. The Mac mail program has no trouble getting mail that has come INTO the site, but doesn't want to send outgoing mail except through the isp. In Preferences, my outgoing mail server (SMTP) uses the name of the router, which is assigned to the isp ( that I log onto at home. Maybe this is what needs to be reset? I guess I could add a new server, but should I have to do that every time I go somewhere other than home...I never did before...

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