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    Question convert WMA to MP3
    Is there a recommended and legal way to convert WMA DRM-protected audio file and then transfer converted file to Apple-formatted iPod Touch?

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    Sorry, but there is no "legal" way to remove DRM encryption in the U.S. Hence, not a matter up for discussion in these forums as we abide by U.S. law.
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    Re-buy the song from iTunes (or Amazon, et al). Apple doesn't use DRM (the record companies demanded it some years ago, but not any more).

    This is the problem with Windows Audio DRM. It punishes the people who actually buy the stuff rather than the people who are determined to steal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    This is the problem with DRM. It punishes the people who actually buy the stuff rather than the people who are determined to steal.
    Fixed that for you. All DRM is bad including WM DRM, FairPlay and of course, the DRM laden games that are coming out (EA...).
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    Agreed. That's what I was proud of Steve Jobs (and Eddy Cue) for persuading the record companies that Fairplay was a waste of time and effort, and subsequently removed it from iTunes (AND offered a cheap path to removing it from already-bought songs while doubling the audio quality at the same time -- now handled by iTunes Match).

    EA is learning the hard way ... though I have to say that if there weren't SOME form of anti-piracy in place, the game market would collapse from piracy almost overnight.

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