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Thread: Complete Noob, looking for input

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    Complete Noob, looking for input
    Can someone aid the ignorant?

    I use a computer everyday for school and work but I've never actually owned one. I'm now a member of this century with my recent acquisition of a MBP 2010, my buddy upgraded to Retina version and sold me its precursor(out of pity, lol)

    My first order of business is to learn how to interpret the results of xbench at the behest of my buddy(dude is a uber tech-head) Again, I use computers all the time. I kinda know the parts of a computer and general function but I don't know what these results mean or what information they're inferring to me by way of efficiency or deficiency.

    I can post the all of the results later but the score on the "Untitled" document was 311.

    My main intent for this machine is so that my fiance can use AutoCAD at home and I can stream live fighting game footage.

    So any pointers for a noobie would be appreciated. I can tell you the system specs if you'd like.

    So again what is xbench telling me and can I use this machine for live streaming and any tips for noobs.



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    The one you have is a couple years old, but a perfectly fine machine that can do what you want it to do. Thus the XBench score isn't really important (and besides, he owned the thing before you, why does he need to know the XBench score now?).

    Pointers for newbies: have a look at the essay linked in my signature below, and Apple has Switch 101 and Mac 101 to help Windows switchers and first-time Mac users, respectively.

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    Please post the complete specs of your Mac. If you click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the display and select "About this Mac", that will tell you which model you have and how much memory is installed along with graphics info. Copy and paste it here. That will help us to answer your questions.

    Also include the size of your hard drive and how much free space remains.

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