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smturner888 03-11-2013 12:25 PM

What happens when I turn photostream off?
I'm relatively new to the Mac world, but I love my iPhone and my MacBook Pro! I take TONS of photos with my iPhone and I manually upload them to my MacBook, I don't use Photostream. My problem is that my iCloud hasn't backed up since a few months after I got my iPhone, more than a year ago, because it's full, of photos mostly I assume. If I turn off Photostream on my iPhone, will that help reduce my iCloud usage? And if I do turn it off, will I lose any photos that show up in my Camera Roll?


Oneironaut 03-11-2013 03:11 PM

Your camera roll is separate from your Photostream. Deleting photos from Photostream will not have any effect on your camera roll. Photos you take with your iPhone go to your camera roll and a copy is sent to Photostream.

Turning off Photostream will just keep photo from being sent to iCloud's Photostream from that device only.

If you want to trim down your Photostream, make sure it's turned on in iPhoto and import all your Photostream pictures there. Then you can delete all the photos in Photostream.

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