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    excel spreadsheets
    Hi! I have two separate spreadsheets that I need printed on the same page. The new printer I have does not let me put a page through twice (just jams) and I am printing over 1500 copies of this so putting it through the printer twice is not reasonable. So I now need to find a way to get these two different spreadsheets onto one so I can print. I have tried saving as PDF and importing into Photoshop and that didn't work, also tried importing the spreadsheets as pictures into a WORD document and that didn't work for me either (can't figure out how to move them around) If any one knows of a way to get them both onto one Spreadsheet and not change the column or row widths that would be great!

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    At 1500 copies, I would send the file to your local quick-print shop and let them do it. At that quantity, the price would be far lower than the cost of the ink cartridges you're going to need to pull that off. Also, far less hassle.

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    thanks for the thought! I AM the local printer, just need an idea on how to get two spreadsheets onto one!

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    my copier has given up and i had to change to a new laser printer instead and now the formats that i used for my copier do not work with the printer, hence why I am having to redo the spreadsheets. It is a hassle but I make decent money doing this for other companies.

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    I suppose the formatting for the two spreadsheets is not the same. (?)

    If your column widths are the same, or at least all the data from file B will fit in the cells on file A, then just copy and paste one onto the other, print it but don't save it. That will preserve the two files on the computer as distinct from each other but give you the output you want.

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    Importing them into Word or pages springs to mind. Readily resized and positioned just where you want them.
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