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Thread: Charger suddenly not working.

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    Charger suddenly not working.

    Suddenly my charger isn't working anymore. I just came home, where i've had my Macbook with me in a sleeve in a bag( it haven't had any strokes on the way, though it's a little cracked at the charger plug-in), and the charger were packed properly. It's the MacBook5,2 from mid 2009.
    I have attached a Coconut picture of the battery/charger specific.

    Can anyone help me in any way, or does anyone have had the same problem?

    thank you in advance

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    Your battery alone has 767 charge - recharge cycles on it and probably needs to be replaced. Whether or not your charger is working properly can't be determined until you replace that battery.

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    You could also try finding a friend with a MacBook and see if the charger works with that. All the MacBooks ever released used 60W chargers if I recall correctly.

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