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    An App I'd Like To See
    i've been sitting around recently it would be cool to have an app like this...

    for example:

    i call it iUpdate. its an app that just makes sure you have the most recent version of all of your apps. it can check version tracker, macupdate,, etc. (got the idea from the "widget update" widget. it does the same but for your widgets).

    A plugin for spotlight that lets you execute commands for apps. such as play/pause for itunes.

    And a plugin for spotlight that by pressing enter after a search it opens the top hit. would act like a launcher.

    ..if any of these exist please tell me.

    so do u guys have any app ideas???

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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    And also

    There's a discount for .Mac subscribers that makes this cheaper than MacUpdate; otherwise, MacUpdate has a lower subscription cost.

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    For your itunes idea, I use this application for itunes:

    It puts a very unobtrusive menu on your top taskbar next to the date etc, which you can customise, and from there you can control all your songs, playlists, play and stop them etc without opening itunes manually.

    It is free at the moment, but will not remain free forever Well worth the download!

    As for spotlight, my spotlight always shows me the top hits (the first 5 of recognised name etc.)

    Also, there is a nice little gimmick for Spotlight to save you sifting through everything. If you are searching for a music file for example, lets say the song is called 'vision' then type this in spotlight:

    music: vision

    leave a space between the : and the name of song/artist

    If you want to search something in your email you do the same:

    mail: John (for example).
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    I believe, if you subscribe now, using this link, you'll be able to use that program free for a year. Try it! Not sure, I could be mistaken. But I am able to use the app. This offer is only good until the end of January. I guess we'll find out. So just sign up anyways.

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