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    Can't get mounted drives on Desktop, no customized icon
    When I plug in my external drive or usb or insert a dvd, it does not appear on the desktop automatically. I have to access it through finder.

    How do I do it? Is it in the system preference somewhere?

    In windows always used customized icons for my drives. I guess the autorun.inf file does not work in Mac. How do I use my own icons for external drives? If there is a post already (can't find it by search) and someone knows it, please give me the link.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    open Finder - Preferences - General tab - Show these items on the Desktop
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    Quote Originally Posted by c4macosx View Post
    How do I do it? Is it in the system preference somewhere?
    - Go to the Finder/Desktop
    - "Finder" drop down menu
    - select "Preferences"
    - click on the "General" icon at the top-left of this window
    - check all appropriate boxes under the "Show these items on the desktop:" heading


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