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    ipad to imac sync
    My iPad was synced with my old PC ditched in December. The i[pad now says it won't sync with anything other than my old PC. How does that dump the old PC and get ipad to connect with the iMac

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    On the iPad, in the preferences, scroll down to the "Reset"section, then choose "erase all settings and data."

    This will turn your iPad into a blank, new iPad and you can set it up as new from iTunes. You will need to re-download your purchases (and free) apps from the App Store using the same account you had on the PC (which presumably you're also using on the iMac).

    Depending on what you did with the old PC, you should also de-authorize it from any future iTunes purchases. You can do that through iTunes if you can't get to the original PC anymore, but you're only allowed to do this once a year.

    BE AWARE that you will lose any high scores or settings etc not saved in GameCenter doing this.

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