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    iTunes question
    I have an iMac OS X. I tried to add a new library (ringtones) to iTunes (didn't realize at the time that all I needed to do was check the Tones box in Preferences). So, per instructions found on youtube held down option key while opening iTunes. I was asked to update iCloud info, hit cancel, thought I added a library and then got an unfamiliar iTunes screen. None of my music or podcasts, etc. are accessible. It may be cloud? Can anybody tell me how to access the old familiar iTunes on my computer with all my music, playlists, etc.?

    While waiting to see if any advice was forthcoming, I looked around in the files and found all the old music. While I still don't know how I ended up with a new iTunes empty of any media, I decided to figure out how to get the old stuff into the new application. So, I have copied all the files into the new library. Happy to know it hadn't been lost.

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    Holding down the option key while starting iTunes allows you to:

    a)create a new iTunes library
    b)choose which of your iTunes libraries you wish it to load on that particular occasion.

    An iTunes "library" contains everything you have put into that library whether music, movies, books, ringtones, apps, etc.
    None of those individually is a "library".
    For most, there is no reason to have multiple libraries.
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