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    New to OSX - Memory upgrade
    I now i have an iMac13,2
    which came with 8 gb 1600 MHz of ram, being kind of a freak on pc i wanted to upgrade the ram so i bought 16 gb of ram from amazon, which are also 1600 MHz. When i install them and check on about this mac it shows the correct amount of memory but it says 1333 MHz. I removed the new ones (left only the original 8GB) and it goes back to 1600, exchange them for the new ones (16 GBs 1600) and it shows 1600, but when i combine them it drops to 1333. I know that performance should not be different but this is bugging me.. does nayone knows what is going on??

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    It's simple really. Buy the right RAM for that machine instead of RAM that only meets one of several specs the iMac requries. Return the RAM you have, and buy from a company that actually knows Mac products, like Crucial or OWC in the US or CanadaRAM in Canada.

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    yeah i figured!

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