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    magic mouse 2 finger swipe

    When I swipe my magic mouse with 2 fingers it is supposed to switch between applications on my macbook. It doesn't though, it only switches between the application I'm working in and dashboard. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong as the setting box for this feature is selected in system prefs.

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    That gesture only switches between applications that are running in full screen mode. To run an app in full screen mode, click on the little icon that has two diagonal arrows in the extreme top right corner of the application window.

    It looks like this:

    To go back to window mode, touch the mouse cursor to the top edge of the screen and the menu will pop down and you can click the icon again. You can also just hit the esc key.

    Be advised though that the only apps I've come across that run in full screen mode are apps made by Apple. Other apps such as photoshop, firefox, etc don't have this feature.

    Edit - hold the phone. It looks like firefox finally added full screen mode in a recent update. Cool!

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    Hello Adric,

    Thanks a lot. It's all clear and working now. And it's even working with word for mac, excel for mac etc as well. Great stuff!

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    A two finger swipe also switches between multiple desktops you might create.

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