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    Resuming ddrescue on a different destination drive?
    I need to recover a 3TB USB HD that I dropped on the ground. I started making a copy yesterday by running ddrescue in Terminal entering:

    sudo ddrescue -v -f -n /dev/disk3 /Volumes/Seagate/disk_rescue.dmg disk_rescue.log

    I've only just learnt how to use ddrescue so I was thrilled that it worked at all. It got to 1071 GB rescued (with no errors so far!) when I realized that a 2TB destination drive is going to fail when it runs out of space - oops.

    I interrupted the copy with Ctrl-C and ran out and bought a 4TB hard drive to use as the destination drive instead. 4TB because I read that it needs to be bigger that the input drive to have enough space for the log file.

    So my question: can I resume the copy of my failing hard drive on the new 4TB destination drive? Seems like it might be possible since I created a log file, but would I have to manually edit the command line inside the log file to match the new output path?

    I'm super new at this, so no answer is too detailed!

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    ddrescue can resume with the -C option, you just have to copy the disk image and log to the other drive and adjust the path in your command.
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