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    Adobe Flash Player
    What's the deal with Adobe Flash Player not being supported any longer on my OS X 10.5?
    Do I have to buy a new desk top?
    Thank you for any help/input!

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    You can still install AFP on 10.5

    Goto here and download Flash Player for your OS and install.
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    Who said Flash Player causes your Mac to be antiquated?

    The link Tattooed has supplied will work if your computer is an Intel model. If not download 10.1./102.64 for PowerPC:-

    Always helps if you provide computer specifications.
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    If you have a PPC Mac, most sites will no longer play content because they detect Flash 10.1 as too old.

    There is a hack to fool the browser into detecting Flash as version 11 - I am currently using it successfully on a PPC PowerBook; in fact I can view the BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc. with no problems.

    I don't know how long it will continue to work, but see Hack Allows PowerPC Macs to Access Flash 11 Content for more info.

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    If you're on 10.5 on a PPC computer, then that thing is AT LEAST six years old.

    I think you know the true answer to this question as opposed to the workarounds offered.

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