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    Post Compare quicken windows vs Mac
    Old user of quicken on windows XP.
    Love my I-pad.
    Now have opportunity for new lap top, and am concerned that I will lose access to a decent program.
    Any advice

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    Given that every Mac available -- from the cheapest used Intel to the latest Mac Pro -- can also run Windows, I'm not sure I understand your question.

    You have at least four options:

    1. Buy a Mac, run Quicken Essentials OR Quicken 2007 (updated for Lion/ML) depending on the depth of your needs.

    2. Buy a Mac and install Windows 7 and run Quicken there. You can buy a virtualizer like Parallels and run XP if you have an unregistered retail copy.

    3. Buy a PC laptop in order to run one program.

    4. Find out if there is an iOS app that will do what you need to get done. There isn't a version of Quicken for the iPad but there are PLENTY of financial options from other providers.

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    Feb 12, 2013
    Many thanks.

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