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    Migration created huge hidden files
    Hi all,

    I'm new to Mac Forums, but have followed a lot of your excellent advice through the buying and setting up my first MAC (iMac 27"). Migration from a PC was really flawed and frustrating and I'm still sorting basic problems three weeks in... Please may I ask ask advice on how I find and delete hidden music and photo files... I copied 8GB of M4a music files to the iMac but on storage on "About this Mac" says I have over 90GB of "Music"! Similarly I have 46GB of photos from the P.C. which have turned into a massive 230GB of "Pictures". Yet under the directories I have one set of each lot of files... Please can you help me to move forward?

    Further with no additional programmes on the Mac, "Other" in storage shows over 50GB of space used. Is that normal?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums!

    Did you use the Windows Migration Assistant (free download from Apple) to move and migrate your files from the PC to your new Mac?

    And... please read through our "Hard Drive Space" blog which you can find at this LINK. After reading through the blog, if you have any questions, please post back to this same thread and we'll try to answer.

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    Dear chscag,

    Thanks for your reply! Yes I did use Apple's Window Migration Assistant. Wish I'd seen that you have a "switchover-hangout" section before pushing the migrate button! Contacts was the only part to cleanly cross. I manually rebuilt "Calendar" from scratch, then bookmarks in "Safari" and also iTunes as my iPhone 5 didn't want to sync to the iMac. Worst is SMTP in "Mail"; outgoing mail has not worked since the transfer, and has sat with level two Apple engineers sending reports up through the system for two weeks... Ho hum! Will use the "Hard Drive Space"blog as suggested.

    Surprised it's been this hard, hope that Apple ownership will prove itself in the long term. Thanks for being there!

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    Hi, I followed advice and installed DaisyDisk. No problem in finding duplicate files with this excellent tool, many thanks! Unfortunately the files I want to remove are in a section marked "Shared Files" which was created when I used an Ethernet link to pull files from the old PC. DaisyDisk refused to delete from this area. I thought I would then establish the link to the P.C. as maybe that had to be present for a delete to work... Further problem, I'm asked for a password to connect to the "shared". I know one was not established when I set up the link as I am meticulous about such things. I can log in as "guest", but of course does not allow for any deletions to take place. Not sure where to go from here in order to remove these space hungry duplicates from my hard disk.

    Any help you can give would be really appreciated!

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