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    Connecting 2003 cinema display to 2010 MacBook Air?
    I've just bought an old (2003!) 20" Apple cinema display from eBay to use with my 2010 MacBook Air which has a broken screen (cracked down one side; the screen does still work though).

    I'm not sure which adaptor cable I need - can anyone help?

    Looking online I can see that I might need to double up a ADC to DVI with a DVI to Mini that possible?

    Here's a photo of the back of the cinema screen.

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    Honest answer...forget about it. You would really just be better off purchasing a display with a DVI cable...then get yourself the DVI to Mini Displayport adapter.

    If you really want to use that Apple display with something...get a 2003-2005 Apple desktop computer which has a video card with an ADC port. These are really the computers made to work with this monitor.

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