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    COmputer Froze during Snow Leopard install, now im in all sorts of trouble.
    Man, were do I begin. Last week I installed snow leopard due to all my web browsers saying they would no longer support my old operating system, looks like Leopard has been put out to stud. Fine, I'll play ball, especially since i just got my tax return. SO, Easy Peezy i put the disk in, follow the prompts. Everything get sloaded up until it comes to the registration dialogue and my computer freezes. SO, I reboot it.

    Now it take almost 15 minutes to boot up. When i get to the desk top I am unable to move my mouse for 5-8 minutes Keyboard dosent work either during this time. The Snow Leopard disk will not eject either. I have tried all of it. Holding the mouse button on reboot, I have had to tape down the mouse button, since it takes so long to boot up, and still that doesn't do anything. I have typed various lines of code into the Terminal that had to do with disk ejecting, none have worked. I have tried using I tunes to eject the disk, that doesn't work. And finally, whenever i go to disk utility I just get the swirling pin wheel of insanity. Luckily i did back up my system before I installed Snow leopard, so I guess my question is, should i completely format my computer or is there another way. Thanks for your help.

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    It sounds like you have hardware problems, possibly a hard drive that's failing. You need to do some trouble shooting before trying to do any updating. If you've been using Leopard this long, it's likely your machine is showing its age.

    And since you didn't provide us with any specifics about your machine, there's not much we can advise you to do. Since you have a backup, go ahead and format the drive and reinstall. Let's see what happens.

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