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    i have a box full of 50+ y.o. slides and photos i would like to transfer them to disks.

    can it be done ?

    what would i need to do this ?

    what would the cost for the equipment be ?


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    There are scanners with adapters you can get to scan the slides and any negatives you have, this is a specialty item. I have an older scanner around here somewhere that has one on it, but I am not sure if any of the current scanners have them now as slides and negatives are becoming obsolete. As for the photos, any scanner will work. Depending on what type of scanner you want to pick up and how much money you want to put on it you can go as little or as much as you want. If you don't want to spend the hours it will take to scan you can send them off to some of the companies out there and they will scan them for you - for a fee - but at least you are not using your time.

    You can use either a dedicated scanner, or some of the all-in-one printers will do the job for you.

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    I should add that most companies that offer to scan slides that are reputable will do a FAR better job colour correcting and cleaning the images than you could do yourself, so depending on the fee and the number of slides we're talking about, that could be your best option for preservation.

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    Here is one I have used. Pretty easy to do and the color corrections are generally good enough for family pictures.

    Plusteck 7600i

    It's listed as discontinued, but you may find it on Amazon or eBay. It's replaced by

    Plustek 8200

    It comes with SilverFast 8 software, which is pretty easy to use.

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