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    Hey all please see this post in link below i am in need of help

    Need Help to find a clutch for my 22" 2003 Apple Cinema Display - MacRumors Forums

    thanks in advance


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    First: Replacement parts are not as easy to find for display's vs. computers. So this makes things from the beginning more difficult.

    Second: Fnding replacement parts for Apple displays makes things even more difficult (simply because there are fewer of them around).

    Third: Pretty much the only place you're going to find a replacement part (at a reasonable price) for a 2003 Apple Cinema Display is e-Bay.

    There may possibly be some websites selling parts...but for a 2003 Apple's going to be difficult. I know a few great websites that sell parts for older Mac computers...but they don't sell parts for displays.

    What I mean by reasonable prices is...I know one website where a PRAM battery for a Mac computers sells for $3.99...and at a different website the same exact battery costs $28.00!!! YIKES! I e-mailed them about it...and I think that they reduced the price to $23.00...still insane!

    Good luck,

    - Nick

    p.s. Also remember...unless you are TOTALLY in love with this 22" Apple Display...the price you pay for a replacement part may cost close to (or more) than just buying a newer (still used) and much more modern display.
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