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    I have a new Macbook Pro and am not really sure how it operates and how I can get the best use from it. My first question is: how can i change/stop the programs that automatically start when the Mabook is turned on? Can some one please help me with this? Thank you.

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    If you click System Preferences (the gear icon in the dock), then Users & Groups, you can highlight your user account, go to Login Items, and see what loads for you when you login.

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    Or, an easier approach:

    1. Start up your Mac. Let the programs that automatically open do so -- don't try to stop them.
    2. Look at the dock and identify the programs that have started up.
    3. Pick one, click and hold on its icon in the dock. Select "options." See if there's a checkmark next to "Open at Login." If there is, select it again.
    4. Repeat with each open program. Remember to properly quit (File menu -> Quit) each program as you've done this.

    Now restart the Mac. The programs should not reopen automatically.

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    You might want to try one of the Tutors for Mountain Lion from the App Store

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