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Thread: Mac Air Virus Protection?

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    Mac Air Virus Protection?
    What's the current general opinion about having virus protection on a Mac?...Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkpr83 View Post
    What's the current general opinion about having virus protection on a Mac?...Thanks
    Please do a search on Mac-Forums...a very common question.

    Not only will this benefit you by obtaining an answer to your will also introduce you to the Mac-Forums search procedure.

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    Um, in short, use common sense; no software required.

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    There isnt a Virus out in the Wild that will infect a Mac, BUT there is Malware and they are only in things that are dodgy to start with, so stay away from Porn, and downloading illeagal content and you should be fine.
    If you really, really, really, really need a AV because of being OCD then we recommend using ClamXav
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    Have a look at this thread:

    Secondly, be aware that modern versions of OS X have their own, built-in rudimentary anti-malware system that is automatically managed by Apple and runs behind the scenes. In addition, the "Gatekeeper" feature in OS X 10.8 prevents the ability to run software that is not signed for by an Apple-approved vendor, unless you deliberately disable it. These mechanisms alone should negate the need to run any kind of third party anti-virus software on your Mac.
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