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    System set up
    Please allow me to bounce my thinking off of the group. I have a Mac Mini on the desk and is more than adequate for my Home needs. My thinking is to get a Mac Pro for on the road and portable work (Pro more future upgradeable than Air). A I Pod2/3 16gb WiFi with keyboard case for light work as in school (note taking, reports, and internet surfing) along with walking around use. Use a I Phone4 for com. and internet to the I Pad. Sync. everything off The Cloud and DropBox. The question is there a better way of doing this? How seamless and ease of interpretability between the two system platforms is their? What is the down side between IOS and OSX platforms and how they work or do not work together?
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    Leonard L.

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    I think you need to rephrase your questions. They sound a bit incoherent and very much open to interpretation. Be a bit more specific I would advice.

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    The Retina version of the MBP is not as upgradebale as the non-retina version, but that reasoning is sound.

    You can get an iPad 3G/WiFi for your school/Internet needs. iPhone for phone calls.

    Using iCloud and DropBox, all of your stuff will stay in sync across the MBP, iPhone (contacts/mail), iPad (other documents).

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    FYI a Mac Pro isnt a portable, the Mac Book Pro is.
    Personally i would have the Mac Mini for home, then just a iPad tetherered from your iPhone for your for your on the road portable work. With iCloud and drop box going well now, you can accomplish most things on a iPad now and it will have synced with the MacMini at home for when you get there,
    Really no need to carry a MBP/MBA as well as a iPhone and iPad.

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    I agree with TM there, though of course this depends on what you mean by "portable work." If you're a pro video editor, then the MBP makes a lot of sense. If you mean "admin my page on Facebook," then even an iPad is overkill.

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