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Thread: iTunes jumping to max size on secondary mouse click

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    iTunes jumping to max size on secondary mouse click
    For some reason I cannot ferret out, iTunes has started to jump to max size (not fullscreen) when I right click on any object within the iTunes window. I have to drag it back to the smaller size as there does not seem to be an "undo" for the expansion. The effect is the same as clicking on the green button top left, except that you cannot undo it with a second click.

    I've looked in Preferences and Mouse settings to no avail. Can any iTunes wizard give me a hint?

    OSX 10.8.1, MBP 17" early-2011, iTunes 11.0.1. Mouse is Apple USB mouse with right click set to secondary.

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    More data: It seems to be restricted to the Apps tab and to the title bar in Podcasts and Songs in the list view. Strange.

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    I tried right-clicking all over iTunes 11 and couldn't duplicate what you say is happening.

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    OK, thanks for trying. I can't find any other reference to it either, so it's something I've done or some setting somewhere. I'll put up with it for now.

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    Ok, it's a problem with SecondBar running. I want the top menu bar on both the MBP and my external monitor, hence SecondBar. But with it running, I get the problems listed.

    Is there another way to get the top menu bar on an external monitor AND the MBP? I know I can drag in the preferences panes, but then it's ONLY on the external, which is not what I want. It seems simple, so there must be a solution.

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    I don't know of any solution to this, but then I can't fathom why anyone would need to do this either. Learn some of the keyboard commands for your most-used menubar issues if it's "too far to mouse" (!! -- though perhaps you've got one of those 30" monitors)

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    chas_m, you got it. Big monitor, long way to mouse over to get to menubar, don't use keyboard so-called shortcuts because it's not a shortcut to have to take your hands off the mouse to activate a menu, no matter how well I memorize them all. All I want is a menubar on the second monitor as well as the MBP. But I don't think it's possible without SecondBar and the problems it brings.

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