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biddybold 02-04-2013 06:39 PM

Indian phone call scam
Hi I joined this forum as I saw on GOOGLE someone had addressed this issue, I recieved a phone call frm someone with an INDIAN ACCENT saying that Microsoft was contacting me because my computer had malware and was very slow, to cut a long story short I gave trhis guy access to my computer and paid them 180 Ä now I am running to the bank tomorrow to see how much money has been stolen from my account , how stupid can a pÍrson get?? does anyone know how I can block them from my computer and get my money back? Thanks and best regards

TattooedMac 02-04-2013 06:44 PM

So do you own a <Mac or a Windows Computer ??

Most banks these days if you can show them as a scam, OR when they do there own invesigation and find it a scam will get ALL your money back from them, so i wouldnt worry too much.
And be more wary in future and DONT TRUST ANYONE asking for ID or bank detail over the phone if it not a company you work with now


biddybold 02-04-2013 06:57 PM

MAC thanks Ill go see the bank as soon as it opens, Yes I know I could kick myself, can these guys still access my computer? I put the firewall on it was off

TattooedMac 02-04-2013 07:02 PM

NO they wont be able to acess your Mac. I have had them here in Aust as well, and i run them all the way down talking for 40mins thinking they have access to my Windows computer lol then i yel scammers and they hang up pretty quickly lol
If you had a windows computer, what they do is make you do things that will eventually give them accesss to it, so i wouldnt worry having a Mac


biddybold 02-04-2013 07:26 PM

LOL!! What got me was the guy said yes weare from Microsoft and we see your computer is running very slowly, it was and still is!!! And then he said it will take a week for the LIFETIME ANTI VIRUS TO KICK IN this is when I was like UH OH!!! BS BS now when I rethink I can see what a load of crap it was but at the time I cant even remember what I did but I saw their mouse moving around on my screen, and then I gave them all my Credit card Info they could be buying up the entire NET right now, aaaargh

harryb2448 02-04-2013 08:46 PM

That scam has been running for years. Next time tell them you do not have a computer and that sure cleans the line fast.

chas_m 02-05-2013 12:16 AM

If a) your computer is running poorly and b) you'd like to avoid nonsense like this, I'd strongly suggest looking at a Macintosh or (depending on your needs) an iPad as your next computer. You'll find lots of friendly support here.

I'm sure you've already done this, but to make certain they no longer have access to your computer I would change your administrative password or any other information that you gave them to allow access. Turning on the firewall will do *absolutely nothing* to keep them out if they have your password.

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