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amysdopey 02-04-2013 09:58 AM

hi ok this is my problem i got this mac at a sail and i dont have the adm passwords and when i try to download stuff it says my wac need to be bigger then a 10.4.11;)

vansmith 02-04-2013 10:23 AM

One thing at a time here.

First, you should probably reinstall OS X on the machine. Use the discs that came with the machine (if you didn't get them, ask the seller for them) and reinstall OS X. Take a look at this and this. Note that doing this will erase everything so back up any important data first.

Second, OS X 10.4 is quite old and most software won't work on it. You'll need to find older versions of software that are compatible with it. Also note that 10.4 is nicknamed "Tiger" which may be used in system requirements for software.

chas_m 02-05-2013 12:22 AM

Finally, most of us here just ignore posts called "help" because it tells us NOTHING about whether we can help. Please include at least a short summary of the issue in the subject next time, thanks!

If you can tell us a little information about the Mac model you have (About this Mac under the Apple Menu if you don't know), we can advise you on what to do. Hopefully it is either an Intel Mac or you got it for less than $100. :)

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