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    all images on MacBook Pro
    family gave me a MacBook Pro for Christmas! All Images.on folder shows over 3000 images, HELP! How can I get rid of them!


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    The "All Images" folder isn't a folder, it's a search. It shows you ... wait for it ... all the images on your computer, wherever they are found.

    Ignore this folder unless you are doing an image search. Don't delete it, or the contents of it (you will REALLY regret it if you do the latter).

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    ^^^ Yep, I suggest you forget that such a thing as 'All Images' exists. Personally, I get rid of that thing from the side bar of Finder. It is useless in almost all cases.

    It is going to show you all icons for every application including all images that each application uses when you open it. I would also suggest you do not touch anything from that search function.
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    In fact, you can ignore all of those "All..." folders in the Sidebar.

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