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    Where can I get Flash Player
    Hi, I tried to download an updated version of flash player not knowing the version compatible with my iBookG4 was no longer supported. In following the directions on the adobe site I uninstalled the 10.1 anticipating that I could easily replace it with the newer version. Then I learned that 10.1 is no longer available on the adobe site. So now I'm left with no flash player at all. I've searched for 10.1 that I could download and have not found it. Does anyone know where I can get flash player ? Thanks

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    If you want, you can get Flash Player 11 to work on PPC Macs by following the instructions in this link. It now works fine on my PPC Mini.
    Hack Allows PowerPC Macs to Access Flash 11 Content

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    Thanks MightyGem! It worked!

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