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    iTunes/file sharing
    Hi All,

    I have just switched from a PC and am struggling to get to grips with iTunes and file sharing.

    I would be grateful for some advice please.

    1. I want to sync the iDevices of a family of 4 with iTunes *wirelessly* (2 iphones, 3 iPads, 1 iPod). I assume that if all 4 users are logged in and running iTunes concurrently, then the devices can sync to the relevant itunes account by wifi?

    2. I want to have a single "master" media folder. Apple suggest creating a shared folder and pointing all the itunes accounts at it, but I am not keen, as this means my children could accidentally delete some files.

    Therefore I intend to have all the media files in my iTunes account and give read-only access to the other 3 users and they (I) can add only the music they want to their iTunes (I will tell iTunes not to copy the files themselves). I realise that this means that I have to add any new music through my iTunes (I add all the music anyway) and that I am lumbered with my daughters' music in my iTunes (well, it'll keep me down with the kids ;> )

    I assume that this is a reasonable course?

    3. Thus I have turned on file sharing and shared my "iTunes music" folder (black bar shows in top of finder window). However, how do find this folder from the account of another user? The shared folder does not appear in the "shared" part of the finder sidebar, nor is it visible if I browse from the computer in "devices". I have tried putting the path \users\<name>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music" in the "go" menu and am told the folder cannot be found.

    I felt reasonably confident with windows networking and I am struggling to understand mac networking.

    Any (constructive) advice appreciated....



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    I believe that the way you are going about doing it is right, and probably the best way to do it. As for the sharing, maybe try going to the folder you want to share, control clicking it (right clicking it) going to Get Info, when you are there, add the users you want to have access to that folder, and give them their respective permissions, when you've done that, you need to apply changes, which is a step a lot of people forget. To do that, click the padlock at the bottom of the window, type your password, and then select the gear button and choose Apply to enclosed items, that should hopefully do the trick. It has for me in many occasions.
    As for the Shared section on finder, it won't show up there, as that is only for Network Drives, so only when it's a different computer, and it will show you the computer, instead of the folders you've got shared. To access the just do what I believe you did, by pressing Command+Shift+G, and typing the address of the file, providing there isn't anything else that is causing the issue, you should be able to access it.

    If you haven't yet solved the problem, I hope this helps.

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