From South Africa Good Morning.

I'd like to test with other participants here - are you struggling to syncronise your Outlook 2011;Mac with Google Apps?

I cannot syncronise my Google Apps Calendar with Outlook 2011 calendar yet it syncronises with iCal. An entry made in Outlook 2011 :Mac will not synchronise with Calendar in Google apps and neither with iCal.

I cannot syncronise and thus read my sent messages (sent from Google Apps from a remote computer) in my Outlook 2011:Mac sent folder.

Coming to the realisation that Outlook 2011:Mac is a waste (there is much functionality discarded from the MS Outlook) and I wish I had merely stayed with the Mac embedded mail program.

Disappointed? You bet!

FWIW - I have a MS Desktop and do most of my work on that when in the office. MS Office Calendar for windows works and syncronises with iCal and Google Apps Calendar but will not sync with Outlook2011:Mac. (sucks).

Is this lack of interoperability between other "cloud" services by Apple "manipulation"? Are Apple forcing us to use iCloud?? Believe me - I don't feel like uploading 25 Gb of data to iCloud and perhaps being forced to change my email and domain addresses so as to "marry" iCloud. How I wish there was an agreed protocol and behaviour between all providers.

Unless I get help from you smarter guys than myself, I think I wasted buying Outlook 2011.