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    windows laptop vs macbook
    I am a student and looking to buy a laptop as my pc is dying down, as i have never owned a macbook before i have some qns

    1.The main reason I want to buy macbook is that I am bored at looking at the windows pc for years and I want to experience something new and for that I need to spend US$830 more to buy a macbook than a normal windows laptop. Is it worth it ?

    2.Are the macbooks more future proof and long lasting than windows laptops as i would need to wait about another 4 years before I buy another laptop

    3.If i were to buy a macbook I don't know whether to buy macbook pro with or without retina display? I want the SSD and 8gb ram so after customising the normal pro costs $270 lesser than pro with retina but it is also 400g lesser than the normal pro?

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    1, yes it's worth it

    2. it depends on the maintenance and use, could be less or more, most of Macbook user is satisfied with their Mac, including me, i buy Macbook on 2008 until now i dont have any problem with Macbook, I've just replace the battery

    3. i don't have idea, but i will buy macbook pro with retina display,

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    1. If a $370 Windows 8 or Linux based computer is all you need - then No, the MBP is not worth an extra $830.

    2. Anything better than the $370 notebook computers you can find will have better processors, better graphics cards and therefore are going to be more future proof.
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    Apple is the best you can buy...

    highest quality laptops.

    best operating system ever designed, there is absolutely no viruses that can infect it, there is however some other types of malware that can be a problem but are easy to avoid if you are smart with how you use it.

    Apples have the longest battery life of any laptop I have ever used

    Apple has the highest resale value.

    you cannot go wrong with any apple computer, they are ALL i will ever use since switching to apple in about 2009

    also apple has the best customer support of any company.

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    Everything G4 ibookboy said in spades. Certainly Mac notebooks command a premium price -- but I promise you there IS A REASON for it. But don't compare them to sub-$400 plastic toy PC notebooks, that is patently unfair. When you price the notebooks that the PC industry says are on par with the MacBook Pro, oh look at that we're suddenly in the same neighborhood price-wise.

    The MacBook Pro is a SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL TOOL. Not a gamebox, not a plastic toy. It's for grownups who intend to be incredibly productive and/or make a load of money with the machine. And is priced accordingly.

    You are the only one who can really assess your needs. If you just want to "try out" a Mac notebook, I'd suggest a recent (or maybe refurbished) MacBook Air or used (not too old, like 2009 or later) MBP. Either one is likely to be more than capable enough for typical use.

    If you actually need a big-boy machine, again you are the only one who can assess whether the price lead on the Retina version is worth it. Side-by-side comparison at an Apple dealer or Apple Store is your best bet, but be forewarned that the Retina display is INCREDIBLY seductive. The price difference will seem trivial.

    Finally, instead of trying to go for a "pure" (and VERY expensive) SSD drive, or the much higher-capacity and cheaper but slower traditional hard drive, I'd suggest the Fusion Drive option. Speed of the SSD at more like the price of the traditional HD. Personally I think the thing's ingenious and reviewers seem to agree.

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    For those who do a lot of typing, the quality of the keyboard makes a huge difference but I seldom hear that mentioned in discussions like this. There may be others as good as a Mac, but I have yet to try one that is better. Macs cost more, but that is because you get a better quality build and a more solid construction. My niece and her friends are in the habit of taking with their laptops on their knees and they are experts at dropping running laptops on the floor. They say that Macs almost invariably survive, unlike most others.
    When a Mac gets old and will no longer run the latest OS, no problem, load them with Linux and they will have a whole new life. Ubuntu Linux will not do everything a Mac does, but it does all the basics and does them very well. I have two doing that and I am very pleased with them.

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