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    One week into being a Mac user... Questions about maintenance
    Alrighty - with week one under my belt as a Mac user, I am really starting to get the hang of OS X and I am really enjoying it. I know this may sound odd to all of you - but I still can't get over the whole "when you are done working on your iBook, just close the lid" - that concept is so odd to me. Sure, with my old Dell, I could do that, but it was a crap shoot if it would come back the way I left it. Not to mention, the battery would be dead too.

    Anyhow, I've got a couple of questions about general maintenance of my Mac - back in the Windoze world, I would run a defrag once a week, check disk, and Win-doctor to keep it running smoothly - do I need to do any of that with my iBook? If so, what?

    I come from the Unix (Solaris) side of the house and I don't normally have to do anything to those boxes - they just run and run forever. But I wasn't sure about the Mac.


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    If you leave teh computer on it will do everthing is has to when it has to, but if you turn it off/ put it to sleep, then you will have to make it do them.
    Download a program called MacJanitor, that will clean up your computer when it is needed.
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    Macjanitor is good.

    You may also like:
    - Cocktail:
    - Tinkertool (more of a tweaking tool than a utility):
    - Onyx:

    As with Linux, I never bother to defrag my OS X machine.

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    OSX does a certain amount of optimization "on the fly". This results in less file fragmentation. I've never had to run a defragger on OSX.

    More info HERE.

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