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    iwork pages or MS office for college essays?
    been thinking of getting this or MS office. Which do y'all recommend - I hear iwork is office compatible.

    One thing I really like about MS office is the grammar correction is very good, i tried open office before and it didn't catch nearly the same amount of grammar problems, which is very useful for college essays.

    Is iWork good at grammar correction? And by that I mean detecting sentence fragments, and when sentences aren't proper, like "I eat the good hotdog".


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    I use iwork '09 and so far am very happy with it. I try to stay far away from anything microsoft produces.

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    If you print it, it likely doesn't matter much unless iWork lacks some function you want.

    If you are sending the file to your instructor, you will absolutely want to use MS Office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G4 ibookboy View Post
    I try to stay far away from anything microsoft produces.
    Why? Microsoft makes some solid products.

    Sento, if compatibility is of any concern, go with Office. While iWork can work with Office documents, it's not Office so it's very possible that an iWork app will render Office documents incorrectly (this goes for any "non-official" app including OpenOffice).
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    For college essays and online submissions get the best ~ Office 2011. Some lecturers may even refuse to accept work not in Word.

    Microsoft were developing Office for Mac before they started on the PC versions. Back in the late nineties Apple may not have even survived without Microsoft and Bill Gates' support.
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    While iWork applications are very good, the simple fact is that MS Office is the de facto standard for business and education. Go with Office.

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