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Thread: MacBook Pro early 2008

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    Question MacBook Pro early 2008
    It happened about 18 months ago, I had boot camp on my Early 2008 MBP 15" 2.53GHz. I restarted from Windows 7 to OS X Snow Leopard and that is when the trouble began. It did not start in OS X.

    The breather light on the latch opener switches on but the rest of the MBP does not start up. No sound of fans, the LCD remains dim.

    Apple service center diagnosed as dead logic board a replacement which costs $750!

    There was no damage due to liquids, no over heating (fans were replaced by Apple Service Center 6 months before this incident) and my MBP was always on my study table where foods, drinks were forbidden and dust was daily wiped off.

    Indeed there are so many possibilities for the logic board to fail, no point in asking why, but is there a way to repair a dead logic board? I work with an IT company and I myself have some technical know how of IT but I cant find an alternate solution.

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    When you say an Apple service center diagnosed it as having a dead logic board, I'm assuming you took it to them to repair and that's when they told you the board was dead and replacing it would cost $750?

    If the above is correct, your 2008 MBP is just not worth repairing. You would be better off selling it for parts on eBay and use the money to buy a new machine. There really is no way to repair a dead logic board except to replace it with a new one. If you wish to see what's involved in replacing the board yourself, go to iFixit: The free repair manual and look up the procedure. Also keep in mind that you will still have to purchase the replacement board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ab.Hasham View Post
    ...but is there a way to repair a dead logic board? I work with an IT company and I myself have some technical know how of IT but I cant find an alternate solution.
    Nope...not really anyway to repair a logic board. In fact there's really not a very good way to even diagnose what specifically is damaged on the logic board to even know what to replace.

    And if you work for an IT company...then you are probably familiar with the "surface mount technology" used to solder teeny-tiny" components onto modern logic boards. This is absolutely not something a human being with an ordinary soldering iron is even close to capable of duplicating.

    To fix your MacBook Pro you need a new/good replacement logic board...and as you already mentioned...that's going to cost around $750...which isn't worth it on a 2008 15" MBP which is worth less than $750. But if were able to find a good used logic board for a lot less $$$...that could possibly be worth it.

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