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    iTunes question - from pc to mac
    I'm in the process of deciding if I should switch over to the mac platform and one of my main concerns is being able to keep all my mp3s. I've got about 10 gigs worth on my pc now - maybe 2 gigs of which was purchased from iTunes, the rest being compiled from various sources (file sharing, cd rips, etc).

    I was planning to burn them all onto a DVD - will I have any trouble importing them into iTunes on the mac?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I can't see why. My uncle who owns a mac has burned many a cd of mp3's for me. He usually saves them as a data file so iTunes recognizes the cd as a giant playlist complete with ratings and such. This is from mac to PC but I don't think you'd run into any snags going the other way.

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    I am asuming you have an iPod. Simply copy them via drag and drop them to your iPod off the PC (make sure the iPod is in disc mode) and move them to your Mac. Mp3s are MP3s, it's a standard format that is pretty much now universal.

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    the only thing you will have to worry about is authorizing the new computer for the songs that you bought over iTunes. You are allowed 5 computers to be authorized so if you want you leave the old PC as is or de-authorize it. I did the same thing. Just switched. What I did was burn everything over using DVD discs. I had no problems.

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