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Thread: New MBP - Upgradeable RAM? Warranty?

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    New MBP - Upgradeable RAM? Warranty?
    I ordered my new MBP 15" without having time to research or see it in person (long story, but essentially needed to come up with an order and place the order within an hour).

    While looking for docks (Henge) I saw that the current 15" MBP is unibody construction and i always thought that meant it was sealed with no way to open it to replace/upgrade RAM or drives, etc. But I've since come across a YouTube video that shows opening a current MBP by removing a bunch of screws and upgrading RAM.

    So, I'm confused... When I see the word "current" on a vendor or YouTube page I never know if the page is just out of date and "current" was when the page was put up but is no longer applicable today. Can someone confirm that the 15" MBP that Apple is currently selling the one that can be opened to replace RAM? If so, I'm sorry that I ordered the 8GB RAM upgrade because the first thing I'll do is replace that with 16GB.

    Will opening the MBP to replace the RAM void my warranty? I had planned on purchasing AppleCare for this laptop. Should I not bother doing that if I replace the RAM?

    I think it's time I visited the Apple Store to see what I bought ;-)

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    Assuming it's not a "Retina" MacBook Pro, then yes, you can easily open the case to upgrade the hard disk and/or memory. These are considered user-serviceable parts and will not void your warranty.

    "Unibody" refers to the construction of the main case. The bottom panel is removable to reveal the entire system board and major components (like the battery). It's a very serviceable design.

    With that said, the Retina MacBook Pros are not upgradable due to the soldered memory modules and proprietary SSD (though there may be future upgrades for this, to my knowledge, they're not available right now).
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    It is not a Retina MBP.

    I just ordered the RAM upgrade.

    Thanks for the reply

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