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    How to retrieve files from time capsule

    The hardrive on my IMac recently died and the files could not be retrieved unfortunately.I was using the time capsule to back up my files. How do I transfer these files from my time capsule to the new hardrive installed on my iMac?

    It says there is 700GB of data stored on the time capsule, but I have had no luck retrieving the files. When I enter time machine on my iMac it shows the dates of my backups (since 2010) and the text down the left side is in purple (not white). However, when I click on the timeline there are no files.

    Any suggestions welcome as I have all my photos/music on the time capsule.


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    You will use the 'Migration Assistant' application.

    See here - scroll down and open the "Restoring data from TM" section - then to "Migrating a Time Machine backup to a new Mac"
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    When you enter in Time Machine, can you browse in the Finder window?
    You can also manually enter the disk and retrieve your content from there.
    Click on the Time Capsule icon in Finder

    open the Data volume and locate the file named "Your-computer-name.sparsebundle"
    (Your-computer-name - this is the name of your computer)
    Finder will mount it as "Time Machine Backups" and then again click on it to see the backups.

    Scroll all the way down to the Shortcut "Latest". Click it.You will see your hard drive name. Browse to the files you want to transfer. and copy them to your new hard drive.
    A lot easier to use Migration Assistant.

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