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    DELETE not working as it used to.
    Since loading Mountain Lion my delete/backspace works differently. Prior I was able to delete a single page of a website. Now that it doesn't work, I have to quit Safari and start again. e.g., If I want to go back to 'SwitcherHangout page(the previous page to this), then my delete button wont do it for me and I'll have to go right back to the beginning and try to find my way back through the system - I should have written the route down.

    Is it me or a fault with M. Lion?


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    You aren't "deleting" a page from a website, you are just going back a page to your previous one. Learn to use tabs and it will make you life a LOT easier. Once in the Switcher Hangout, for example, click on a post while holding down the CMD button to open the thread in a new tab, read/respond and then close the tab to continue browsing the Switcher Hangout forum.

    If you absolutely must just single click and then want to go back, if the backspace/delete button doesn't work, how about swiping right on your Trackpad or Magic Mouse? If you don't have either of those then try CMD+left arrow to go back..

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