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    ...Finally got a Mac
    I've been contemplating on getting a mac laptop for the last couple of months, and I finally got one today. I took home a lonely 12" iBook G4.

    I am a windows and DOS user all my life. I was really impressed with my ipod, that I thought, hey if they can make this great product, maybe they make better computers. So i talked to a friend who's a MAC user and I used his laptop for 10 mins, and I really liked the way it worked. So after 2 months of "researching" and going around stores, I finally got one.

    I have only been using my MAC for 3 Hrs, and I can say I am very impressed. I was up and running surfing the internet, reading my emails, and chatting with friends within 45 minutes, and that's while eating supper!!!! The product is very intuitve, and I love it!

    I will be around the site in case i have questions about things, I'm hoping to get to know some of you...

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    Welcome to MF!
    I was looking at the iBooks as well, but ultimately decided on an iMac.

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    Welcome to the Forum and congrats on your purchase!!

    Should you have any questions...This is your best tool for finding answers. That tool should be your first step in finding any answers you seek.
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    Congrats on your new iBook. I'm thinking about getting my fiance a 12" iBook for her bday in a couple of months.. Then, our two windows machines can head straight to ebay!

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    i bought an iBook in february. i love it to death. i took it on the ship with me for a deployment and it got all beat up and it is still running good. congrats on the purchase and may you have many years of enjoyment from it. Welcome to Mac-Forums.

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    Hey! I bought a 12" iBook in August '05 and I too love it. Congrats on the purchase, you'll enjoy it! If you need any help, feel free to ask me or anyone else here. I'm Caitlyn.

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