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    Help with Flash Player Update
    I updated my Flash Player today to version 11.3.300.268. I know that it is installed because when I go to System Preferences and select Flash Player it tells me this is the version I have.

    But I have some questions:

    1. I now have an annoying red icon on the desktop that says Flash Player. When I looked in Finder under Applications, I did not see the Flash Player listed there. So I dragged the Flash Player icon to the applications folder in Finder and now it says under the kind column "Alias." Plus the icon still remains on the desktop. How do I fix this, or is it OK for the application to say "Alias."

    2. When I go to the launchpad where I can see all the applications" icons, there is no flash player icon there. Should there be one? I think there used to be before the update?

    3. When I go to Finder under devices, the flash player is listed. If I select the flash player to remove, it takes it off the desktop. But does that turn it off completely?

    Can I just drag the desktop icon to the trash without any harm?

    I just want everything to be OK. Thanks for your help!

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    What probably happened is that you had to download the update installer, and that's what's sitting on your Desktop now. When Flash installs itself, it's a bit like an octopus, sticking its tentacles here and there into your web browsers so you can watch videos on Facebook and news channels etc.

    I think you can nuke it safely. And even if something goes awry as a result, Flash isn't an important component of your system and it's easily downloaded again if you need to. Give it a shot. See what happens.

    As for Aliases... In the Windows world, they'd be called a shortcut. It's kind of a ghost icon that doesn't actually do anything except launch a program or open a file that's living elsewhere (probably buried under a pile of digital rubble) on your computer.

    Good luck.

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    Yes, I agree with Shikarnov...I drag it to Trash after every update with no harm done..

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    Thank you so much for the advice. It went to trash!!!

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