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    I am a switcher and am not finding it easy, simple things that I found simple on my windows computer are not so simple on my iMac, my problem at this time is !!! how do I connect my mobile LG to my computer??? I have tried with my USB cable etc etc. but just can't get a result, I did not get software with my phone and have searched for this on line but no luck.
    What I want to do is load pictures from phone to computer.
    Any tips/advice welcome.

    Thank you in anticipation,
    Kind regards.

    Adrian Poyner.

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    Welcome to the Mac forums.

    Unless your mobile phone comes with software to upload or sync items such as photos, contacts, etc, chances are you will not be able to do so. Also, most mobile phone makers and carriers supply software which is geared toward Windows. Some mobile phones can be connected via USB and will appear on your desktop similar to a hard drive or even as an unknown device. You may be able to upload or download to the phone if it shows up on the desktop. Otherwise, you may be out of luck.

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    If you'll let us know what specific model you have, and what version of its OS it is running, we'll certainly try to help.

    As for learning the Mac, check out the essay I wrote (linked in my signature below) as well as Apple's Switch 101 resource. I'm sure that will help you.

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