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    Transferring data from memory stick
    I'm new to Mac Book Pro...I've only used PCs. How do I transfer my data (pictures) to my Mac Book Pro from my memory stick?

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    Should be the same as in windws. Memory sticks are FAT32 formatted which's mac can read/write to it. Large storage like external HD used in windows normally NTFS formatted in which mac can still read(copy) what's in it but can't save.

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    If by chance you are referring to Sony's proprietary Memory Stick format as I suspect you are, you will need to get a USB photo-card reader that can handle the Memory Stick format. It's also possible that your camera is readable by Image Capture or iPhoto and you can just import the photos as you wouuld with other cameras, but <mini-rant> Sony seems to take a perverse pride in coming up with formats that are as Mac-unfriendly as possible. Their video cameras are the source of CONSTANT questions and frankly I've not found their stuff to be good enough to be worth the hassle compared to the more standards-oriented competition.</rant>

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